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Quake-proof type Imaging Radar

Model No. RCS08
In addition to being able to visualize the RCS in near real time, the system is earthquake-proof enough to be installed in automobiles.

The radar creates images of reflection signals from targeted objects that actual collision avoidance radars are intended to receive nearly real-time.

This is earthquake-resistant type, and can be mounted on a mobile device such as a car.

New model(RCS11,FMCW-type)  now available, and the quake-proof function can be achieved with Earthquake(Vibration)-resistant option for RCS11.


Major Applications

Configuration and Images


Frequency 76.5GHz
Transmission output Below +10dBm
Radar system Pulse radar
Azimuthal detecting angle 33°
Azimuthal angular resolution 0.5°
Sensitivity (at RCS10dBsm) 50m
Distance resolution 15cm
Depth resolution 1m
Display • Image
• RCS of object or region of interest (ROI)
• Depth of specified region
Data storage

• 2D data (acquired at image update rate)
• 3D data (HDDr reqired. Requies 10times the 2D image acquisition time)

Elevational detecting angle 20°
Elevational angle step 2° Image update rate 0.9sec
Elevationa angle step 0.5° Image update rate 4sec
Elevational detecting angle 10°
Elevational angle step 1° Image update rate 0.8sec
Elevationa angle step 0.5° Image update rate 2sec
Elevational detecting angle 5°
Elevational angle step 0.5° Image update rate 0.7sec
Elevational detecting angle 0°
Image update rate 0.1sec

Ordering imformation

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