KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Imaging Radar

Model No. RCS05

KEYCOM's imaging radar also is one of the best tools for radar aiming, easy to find and visualize reflections from floors to take countermeasures efficiently and effectively.

New model(RCS11,FMCW-type)  now available!


Configuration and images

Body : 1 set
12VDC (± 10%), 5A or less (with AC adapter)
External dimensions : 232(W) x 211(D) x 215(H)mm
Weight : 5kg
Calculation and displaying software : 1 set(※Calculation and displaying unit (PC, 2GB or more) is not included)
Outer shape of small type Imaging Radar

Detection of reflected waves from floor

Taking Countermeasure for reflected wave by wave absorption sheet


Items Details
Frequency 76.5GHz
Transmission output below +10dBm
Radar system Pulse radar
Horizontal detection angle 33°
Horizontal angle resolution 0.5°
Angle resolution
Sensitivity (RCS10dBsm) 50m
Distance accuracy 15cm
Distance resolution 1m
Display • Image
• RCS of object or region of interest (ROI)
• Depth of specified region
Record • 2D data (acquired during screen refresh time)
• 3D data (HDD required. Tenfold longer time than that for the 2D is.)
• Binary mode
Vertical detection angle 20°
Vertical angle step 2° Image update rate 0.9sec
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 4sec
Vertical detection angle 10°
Vertical angle step 1° Image update rate 0.8sec
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 2sec
Vertical detection angle 5°
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 0.7sec 
Vertical detection angle 0°
Image update rate 0.1sec
※The image update rate is approx. time.

1) Level gauge
2) Tripod mount
3) Tripod

Ordering information

Please consult with your KEYCOM representative for specifications of your request.