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Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar

Model No. RCS 20

The synthetic aperture method enables the acquisition of ultra-high definition images compared to conventional imaging radar.

The sensitivity also is excellent, since it is FMCW type.

With the built-in camera, image acquired by radar can be superimposed on camera image.

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Use Case

Comparison with Imaging Radar

The strength of Synthetic Aperture Imaging radar is that it scans stationary objects over time to provide higher resolution imaging.

On the other hand, imaging radar is particularly strong at imaging moving objects in near real time.

The features of each product are as follows;

  Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar Imaging Radar
Measurement object Stationary object Moving / Stationary object
Measurement time 100sec Near real time
Imaging Definition Higher resolution
(Angular resolution: approx. 0.6°)
High resolution
(Angular resolution: approx. 3°)
Vertical scan range 30° 20°


Items Details
Main unit 1set
Voltage 100~240 V ,AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 100W or less
Size 460x445x280(mm) *excluding protrusions
Weight 17 Kg
Calculation display software 1 set

Measurement Example


Syenthetic Aperture Imaging Radar


Imaging Radar



Items Details
Frequency 76.5GHz
Transmission output +10dBm
Radar system Synthetic Aperture FMCW Radar
Target Stationary Object
Vertical / Horizontal detection angle* 30°
Angle step* 0.3°
Angular resolution* 0.6°
Measurement time* 100sec
Calculation time is required seperately. (About 20 seconds at the standard setting)
Maximum detection distance 150m(@10dBsm)
Distance accuracy 0.15m
Distance resolusion 1m
Display ・Image
・RCS of objects or enclosed area
Record ・2D data
・3D data
Built-in camera resolution 1600 X 1200 (Default value)
*In the case of standard settings, can be adjusted by software.


Topic:Superior quality of KECOM's radio wave absorber shown by imaging results

The following images show (1) Radio wave absorber made by another company, and (2) Radio wave absorber made by KEYCOM, imaged by Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar.

The closer the color of the imaging image is to blue, the more effectively the absorber absorbs radar waves from the synthetic aperture imaging radar.

This imaging result confirms the high quality of Keycom's radio wave absorber.

Comparison of radio wave absorber measurement results

Radio wave absorber to be measured

Measurement results by Synthetic Aperture Radar

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