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Autonomous Driving Test System

Model No. SDR-02

A navigator is mounted on a car with setting up starting / goal points, and average speed. The movement information is sent to a Fake GPS, and the position on the navigator changes accorging to the information. In this way, an autonomous driving vehicle(Test Vehicle) heads to its destination.

In parall with the operation of the autonomous driving control system, the scenario creation system sends information signals (e.g. distance, speed and RCS) to RTS and projector, to be projected onto the screen in front of test vehicle in sync.

The RTS then sends reflected waves to the radar of test vehicle.

In addition, event information, including stopping due to a red traffic light, can be added to be part of the scenario, to implement testing indoors for more effective development.

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Parts No. Detail
SDR-CONT-01 Autonomous driving control software. PC can also be provided by KEYCOM.
RTS Please specify an appropriate one.(Please contact us for details)
Scenario creation system A supplier can be specified.
RS60-01 Screen