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Fusion Test System

Model No. SRS-05

This is an indoor testing system to verify in-vehicle camera and radar can work properly in synchronization under created scenarios.

The scenario creation system sends information of Remote Vehicle(RV), such as distance, speed, and RCS (radio wave reflection strength) to the RTS (radar test system) ,in sync with the visual information of RV projected on the screen.

Then, the RTS sends the reflected wave to the radar of the Host Vehicle, to check its response.

In this way, the system can be used to develop, study and inspect camera and radar fusion systems indoors.

We are willing to discuss and build up test system best suited for your needs, please feel free to contact us!

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Ordering Information (Please inform us of Model No., Part No., and any other requests.)

Parts No.
RTS-CONT-01 RTS- control software. PC can be prepared by KEYCOM.
RTS Please select an appropriate one.
Scenario creation system A supplier can be specified.
RS60-01 Screen