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Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System

Model No. EES-04

Flexible adjustment of sample setting angle
Based on basic performance of EES-01A, the system can adjust setting angle of sample, both in horizontal and vertical direction.
*The system specifications are common to EES-01A.

[Option] Reflection measurement inside front grille
Radar waves from an automotive radar are multiply reflected on objects inside front grille such as a radar cover to be emitted forward. And the multiple reflection disturbs the waves.
Therefore, it is also important to measure the amount of such reflections, and KEYCOM can offer an optional measurement system.

[Simplified Chart of Related Products]

(Type of Transmission Attenuation)
For R&D EES04 EES12-01
For Production Line EES01A EES12-02


Specfications of rotation stage

Vertical Angle
Horizontal Angle
Motion range ±10° ±90° It depends on setting distance between measurement sample and transmission antenna.
Minmum step angle 0.1° 0.1°
Positioning precision 0.025° 0.025°
Repeat accuracy ±0.002° ±0.002°

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