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Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System

Model No. EES12-01

The system can measure transmission attenuation and tilt angle of each irradiation point on the sample such as an emblem in the following cases.

  1. when the sample moves in any direction(Azimath, Range, Elevation)
  2. when the sample rotates vertically and horizontally
[Option] Reflection measurement inside front grille
Radar waves from an automotive radar are multiply reflected on objects inside front grille such as a radar cover to be emitted forward. And the multiple reflection disturbs the waves.
Therefore, it is also important to measure the amount of such reflections, and KEYCOM can offer an optional measurement system.

[Simplified Chart of Related Products]

(Type of Transmission Attenuation)
For R&D EES04 EES12-01
For Production Line EES01A EES12-02



Radar System FMCW Radar  
Frequency Range 76.5Ghz,79Ghz(Switching type)  
Occupied Bandwidth 1Ghz,4Ghz  
Output Power 10mW (Typical)  
Amount for range direction movement, movement unit 0~120mm, minimum 0.1mm pitch Y-axis
Amount for azimuth direction movement, movement unit -210~+210mm, minimum 0.1mm pitch X-axis
Amount for elevation movement, movement unit -85mm~+85mm, minimum 0.1mm pitch Z-axis
Amount for inclination movement, movement unit ±30°, minimum 0.1° pitch φ-axis
Amount for Emblem rotate movement, movement unit ±60°, minimum 0.1° pitch θ-axis
Output data raw data of measured transmission attenuation  
raw data of measured tilt angle
raw data of estimated beam incident angle accuracy with DBF
Output file format CSV  

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