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Active Radar Target Simulator for
Collision Avoidance Radar (long range)
Moving Target System (MT for RT) ME7220E/G

Model No. RAT10

ME7220E/G is a collision avoidance radar target simulator for simulating physical correlation between the radar under test and a car running in front(which is target generated), before a collision occurs.

It not only allows you to implement indoor testing of radar's tracking function,indoors easily and as well as testing functions of ADAS, such as pre-crash braking system in combination with HILS.

With an optional function, it automatically activates the ME7220G, the passive moving target, when the simulated distance between the radar and the target is less than 12m, while the active moving target ME7220E is active when the distance is more than 12m.

👉 The superior features of this product have been inherited and upgraded in RTS-DM-3

👉 Latest line-up of KEYCOM's in-vehicle Radar Test System


For Research and Development of Radar

  • Enabling you to check and adjust your radar's function or specs, such as tracking capability, distance, speed, frequency or output in developing radar.
  • Suitable for pre-crash braking system development linked to radar.

For Radar module manufacturing

  • Can be installed into standard production lines, or automated radar test stations for complete testing of radar modules.
  • Allows full or sample testing of all critical radar parameters accurately and repeatedly in a confined and controlled environment.

Ideal system for indoor driving test

Active moving target ME7220E and passive moving target ME7220G are interlocked to operate together. (Optional)


Active moving target: ME7220E-24, 76, 79

Model No. ME7220E-24-01 ME7220E-24-02 ME7220E-76-01 ME7220E-79-01
Frequency 24.15GHz 24~29GHz 76~77GHz 76~81GHz
Bandwidth 200MHz 5GHz 500MHz 5GHz
Target distance (L2) 12m~148m 12m~28m 12m~148m 12m~148m
Distance bet. radar and Target (L) 14m~150m(by 3m) 14m~30m(by 3m) 14m~150m(by 3m) 14m~150m(by 3m)
Target Speed 0~±250km/h 0~±250km/h 0~±250km/h 0~±200km/h
Radar Cross Section (RCS)
(Attenuator variable range)

Passive moving target: ME7220G-24,76/79

Model No. ME7220G-24-01 ME7220G-76/79
Frequency 24~29GHz 76~81GHz
Distance between radar and target(L) 0.5m~15m 0.5m~20m
Target speed 0~±30km/h 0~±30km/h
Radar Cross Section (RCS)
(Attenuator variable range)
Fixed at an arbitrary value between 0~20dBsm Fixed at an arbitrary value between 0~20dBsm

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