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Imaging Radar

Model No. rcs05

You can observe RCS of a target in 3D image, through finely irradiating millimeter waves onto the target, to visualize its reflection in real time.

Because of scanning with mechanical motion, this imaging radar can acquire higher resolution images than that of electronic scanning type.

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Major Applicaitions


Items Details
Main unit 1set
Voltage 12VDC(± 10%)、5A or less(with AC adapter)
External dimensions(H x W x D) 215 x 232 x 211mm(excluding protrusions)
Weight 5kg
Software for calcuration and display 1 set
* Calculation and displaying unit (PC, 2GB or more) is not included.


Items Details
Model name / Frequency RCS05-76.5G / 76.5GHz, RCS05-79G : 79GHz
Transmission output below +10dBm
Radar system Pulse radar
Azimuthal detecting angle 33 °
Azimuthal angular step 0.5°
Azimuthal angular resolution
Sensitivity (at RCS10dBm) 50m
Distance accuracy


Distance resolution 1m(76.5GHz) / 40cm(79GHz)
Display ▪ Image
  ▪ RCS of object or region of interest (ROI)
  ▪ Depth of specified region
Data storage ▪ 2D data (acquired at image update rate)
  ▪ 3D data (HDD required. requires 10 times the 2D image acquisition time)
Output power ▪ Clock output for camera synchronization (to shoot a screen of a radar and a camera picture at the same time)
Vertical detection angle 20°
Vertical angle step 2° Image update rate 0.9sec
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 4sec
Vertical detection angle 10°
Vertical angle step 1° Image update rate 0.8sec
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 2sec
Vertical detection angle 5°
Vertical angle step 0.5° Image update rate 0.7sec 
Vertical detection angle 0°
Image update rate 0.1sec

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