KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.


Model No. ant
KEYCOM offers an outstanding product line of antennas and antenna measurement devices,1MHz~300GHz (VHF,UHF,midcowave・millimeter wave) that satisfy the needs of wireless generation.


Millimeterwave Lenses
Millimeterwave lenses convert a spherical wave into a plane wave, bringing a keen and precise directivity. KEYCOM offers an unparalleled line of millimeterwave lenses for microwave, millimeterwave, and sub-millimeterwave to come through with unique and specific demands.
Lens Horn Antennas, 76GHz
76GHz , pyramid shaped horn antennas with dielectric lenses.
Rectangle Horn Antennas
KEYCOM offers diverse selection of rectangle horn antennas with frequencies ranging from 1.7GHz~18GHz, and
antenna gains from 10dBi ~ 22dBi. Inner surface of each antenna is gold plated.
23dB Standard Rectangle Horn Antennas
Rectangle waveguide type standard horn antennas with antenna gain of 23dBi, also known as Standard Gain Horn antenna (SGH), primarily utilized for measuring gains and antenna patterns of other antennas. Inner surface is gold plated. Available 18GHz~325GHz.
∠30 Conical Horn Antennas
Conical horn antennas with rectangle waveguide tubes. Its inner surface is gold plated.
Millimeterwave Convergence Antennas
This antenna is used when irradiating millimeterwave without a physical contact to a small millimeterwave detector.
High in radiation efficiency, and low in reflection attenuation. Millimeterwave convergence antennas can irradiate millimeterwave to a small area of a wave length level.
Minute Loop Antennas
Minute loop antennas are used when irradiating microwave or millimeterwave without a physical contact to a small area. This antenna is also be used to measure electromagnetic strength distributions in minute details.
Circular Wave Antennas for 5.8 GHz Application
Isolation between a right-hand and a left-hand is 25 dB minimum.
Double Ridge Horn Antenna
Rectangle horn antennas with rectangle waveguide tubes. It can be used for wideband.
For 24GHz Band, Microstrip Antenna
According to the microstrip array method, it is a planar antenna corresponding to the thin type and lightening.
50GHz Band, Omni-Antenna
It is an omnidirectional antenna in a horizontal plane of the waveguide feeding power.
Because it is equipped with radome, outdoor can be used.
W Band, Lens Antenna
The antenna is an easy composition, and profitable high gain is obtained.
Moreover, the design and the production of the beam transmission system using two lenses are done.
Cassegrain Antenna
EMI Measurement Antenna
Metal Waveguide Probe Antenna
As for it, the tip of a rectangular waveguide is a probe antenna.
Fermi Antenna
Printed antennas with fractional bandwidth of over 100%, suitable for UWB applications.
Please consult with KEYCOM representative about frequencies, gains, and
other detailed specifications of your request.